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School Event

  • 4月

    * Welcome day For Pre & Kin
    * New term starts

  • 5月

    * Pre & Kin swimming lesson starts

  • 6月

    * Observation week for all classes
    * Sport's day for Pre & Kin

  • 7月

    * End of First term
    * Summer school starts

  • 8月

    * Summer school

  • 9月

    * New term starts

  • 10月

    * Odawara camp
    * Halloween party
    * Parent Teacher’s meeting for all classes

  • 11月

    * School Concert

  • 12月

    * End of second term
    * Winter school

  • 1月

    * Winter school
    * New term starts
    * Eiken & Kid’s Eiken

  • 2月

    * Art day for Pre & Kin
    * Field trip for Pre & Kin

  • 3月

    * Graduation ceremony for Kin
    * End of third term
    * Spring School



🎉Halloween Party🎉ハロウィンパーティー開催の御礼💛






Halloween Party is one of the most exciting events of the year.

All the students, parents and the staff participated in this event wearing full costume.

Taking photos at the photo booth (made by one of the teachers) along with playing games, we had an enjoyable party.

Also, a special thank you to all the parents for donating the snacks!


yuuya entrance aiko keijiro yuito densuke IMG_5077 fely アヤンシュ meimei