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School Event

  • 4月

    * Welcome day For Pre & Kin
    * New term starts

  • 5月

    * Pre & Kin swimming lesson starts

  • 6月

    * Observation week for all classes
    * Sport's day for Pre & Kin

  • 7月

    * End of First term
    * Summer school starts

  • 8月

    * Summer school

  • 9月

    * New term starts

  • 10月

    * Odawara camp
    * Halloween party
    * Parent Teacher’s meeting for all classes

  • 11月

    * School Concert

  • 12月

    * End of second term
    * Winter school

  • 1月

    * Winter school
    * New term starts
    * Eiken & Kid’s Eiken

  • 2月

    * Art day for Pre & Kin
    * Field trip for Pre & Kin

  • 3月

    * Graduation ceremony for Kin
    * End of third term
    * Spring School



Odawara Camp 2018




We went for our Odawara Nature Camp this year too!

As the typhoon had just passed and though it was a sunny day, the farm and crops suffered quite a damage from the strong wind and heavy rain from the previous day.

So, the Smile Club students volunteered to help the farms restore its crops.

DSC_2049 IMG_2125

IMG_2119  IMG_2141 - コピー

DSC_2048 DSC_2043


🐞沢遊びと虫取りで自然を満喫 Enjoying nature while playing at the swamp and catching insects 🐞


DSC_2061 IMG_2154 - コピー

IMG_2180 IMG_2183 - コピー


手作りの美味しい食事 Delicious home-cooked meal🍴


IMG_2083 - コピー DSC_2024

IMG_2087 DSC_2023



We got pickled shiso and freshly made rice cakes as souvenirs.


IMG_2075 IMG_2081


また来年もお邪魔します We will surely come visit next year too💕