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Educational Philosophy


My ideal Smile Club is a place where the children spend their days filled with smiles while learning about different countries, accept each other and cultivate a sense of global perspective. I believe that English is one of the important tools to our children’s future. To develop confidence in themselves, find the things they want to do in the future, nurture the ability to think and act without giving up. We hope to continue providing this kind of environment from here onwards as well so when the children grow up you can say ‘I’m glad we went to Smile Club’.
I assure you that the early years spent at Smile Club will become a valuable asset in your children’s future.

Smile Club CEO, Mari Yamashita

Smile Club 山本幸枝

Yukie Yamamoto

At Smile Club, we aim to design goal-oriented lessons to help develop English skills for ages ranging from 0 years to adults. We give high priority to ensure smiles and safety of the children along with a fun English learning environment. Furthermore as a parent myself, I hope to support the future of our children in the best way possible.

History of our SchoolHistory of our School

It was hard to find a full day school in Tokyo as either it was very far away or the tuition fee was less than affordable. What was sought after was an affordable after school with at least a 3 hour class in the Koto region. But there was no such convenient after school class available. With that in mind, we came up with the idea that if there is no such school why not make one ourselves! In 2002, with 10 students that were enrolled in international schools, we started our school. Although you might wonder, why is there a need for an English class when the students are going to international schools? It is because they are going to international schools that they require English classes. Although you are able to develop your listening and speaking skills while going to an international school, not much emphasis is made on writing skills and phonics. If that was the case, we thought let’s make an international school which focuses on writing and speaking! which then led to the establishment of Preschool and Kindergarten in 2006. Through word of mouth by the parents of the students we were able to gain recognition and fulfill the much requested service of extended day care, pick and drop bus service and school-made lunch. at present, we are also extending our services by inviting specialists for child care consultation, child development consultation, as well as career consultation. We hope to further develop our school with the changing needs of modern times so our students can feel proud of their school.

Educational GoalsEducational Goals

To foster understanding of diversity, we aim to support the upbringing of a global mindset. We strive for a high quality education by supporting preparation to enter Japanese elementary schools as well as International schools, enhance fluency in both Japanese and English language by designing our own personal curriculum, nurturing individual thinking, and fostering the ability to demonstrate proactive thinking even in new environment.

Educational Ideology

The ideology behind our education is to instill a wider view of the world and develop international sensitivity. Incorporating fun learning activities to enhance individual thoughts and imagination while keeping in mind all the possibilities and opportunities for the children to leap into the world as they grow up.

Educating the Heart and Mind

・ Feelings of mutual recognition
Enriching the heart and mind to develop acceptance of people from different nationalities without discrimination or prejudice while being proud of their own country of origin.

・Confidence to face challenges and initiate actions Challenging new
things and following through till the end to nurture the feeling of accomplishment. Facilitating the desire to face and accept challenges by presenting tasks through daily activities that is suitable for each individual’s growth.

・Cultivating compassion and building character To foster compassion and learn to cherish family, friends, living things and nature.

DoctorIntroducing our Kindergarten Doctor

At Smile Club, in order to monitor and look after our children’s health, we conduct regular health check-up and dental check-up in cooperation with some great doctors. Upon request, we have also started organizing individualized development consultation with a specialist.

Introducing our Kindergarten Doctor

Dental Check-up

Shinbata Dental Clinic
Director Shinbata Hiroshi

Special Support

Physical Education Advisor

Dr. Koba Katsumi

Dr. Koba owns the Kiba Orthopedics Clinic in the neighborhood, and as his children were students at Smile Clubl, he kindly obliged to be the school’s physical education advisor as he loves working with children. He is a wonderful doctor that developed his own personal method known as Koba-style Core muscle training and Core muscle and balance training. He is experienced and is known to have helped professional athletes and Olympic athletes with their training.

Development consultation physician

Dr. Yokoyama Mina

Dr Yokoyama as a working mom has utilized Smile Club while working as a doctor. Currently she is working to aid nurseries and various facilities, helping children with severe developmental issues to children with mild to unidentified developmental issues. She also acts as an expert advisor to nursery teachers and parents to help them with various concerns around development of children.

Pediatric Neurologist, MD, Ph.D.
St Luke's International Hospital Pediatrics Department
Bokuto Metropolitan Hospital Neonatal Department
Koto Region Authorized Kindergarten Children with disability support
Dr. Yokoyama Mina

Carefully Attended School LunchCarefully Attended School Lunch

At Smile Club, we have a kitchen specially used for preparing school lunch every day. Every day, we observe the children eating lunch and along with our nutritionist we come up with their favorite desserts or chose seasonal ingredients to aid in their food education. The jelly and the croquette on the menu are all made by the cook. We use powdered soup stock for the miso soup and hardly use any synthetic ingredients. The hygiene management is very thorough as we use alcohol disinfectant; sterilize tableware and cooking utensils daily. As the lunch is prepared at the school, it is possible to manage individual allergies without compromising the nutritional value of the meal. We offer fresh cooked food filled with lots of nutrition and love.


At Smile Club, we have instructors from almost 10 different countries, creating an environment to experience a variety of languages and cultures. Each instructor brings their own uniqueness to the classroom. This uniqueness combined with those of the other instructors, provides ample opportunities for the children to enrich their minds, dreams and ideals. We have weekly meetings to discuss individual classes and hold training sessions required for advancing in their careers. We further have workshops by inviting instructors from other schools and hold cultural exchange activities with the neighboring kindergartens. By not being bound to a set curriculum, inculcating both Japanese and English educational and cultural systems makes our international educational system quite dynamic. We pride ourselves in teamwork. We have instructors who have been with the school for quite a long time (approximately 5 to 10 years). The instructors at Smile Club look over the English level, health condition, living environment and mental health of the students like a family. Besides our foreign instructors, we also have licensed kindergarten teacher, nutritionist, part-time doctor, part-time dentist and nurse at our school.